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Colorado update

Brighton CO consolidated with Denver CO. Brighton previously had local calling with Roggen; as of 2018-06-20, so does the rest of the Denver rate centre.

Florida rate centre consolidation

Effective 2017-07-11, the following Florida rate centres were consolidated: Lee was consolidated under Cherry Lake; Baker was consolidated under Crestview; Valparaiso was consolidated under Destin; Alford, Grand Ridge, and Malone were consolidated under Greenwood.

Tennessee, North Carolina

  • Updated calling area information for TEC subsidiaries in Tennessee: Peoples Telephone Company (OCN 0576), West Tennessee Telephone Company (OCN 0583)
  • Updated calling area information for the following companies in North Carolina: Randolph Telephone (OCN 0496), Surry Telephone Membership Corporation (OCN 0503), CenturyLink (Mebtel) (OCN 0485)