British Columbia update

One-way local calling from Britannia Beach BC to metro Vancouver area and Whistler, effective 2015-09-01. Source: Telus tariff notice 4380 via CRTC.


South Dakota and Minnesota

  • Santel Communications Cooperative (OCN 1676) has had company-wide local calling since some time in 2014. They previously had optional local calling plans where subscribers could choose to pay a monthly fee to call specified exchanges.
  • Updated local calling information for Interstate Telephone Cooperative/Stockholm-Strandburg Telephone Company (OCN 1651, 1654, and 1679)

California, Minnesota, and North Dakota

  • Updated calling area information for Ducor Telephone Company (OCN 2313)
  • Updated calling area information for West Central Telephone Association (OCN 1501) and Red River Telephone Association (OCN 1631 and 4300)
  • Verified information (no changes) for Dunnell Telephone Company, Home Telephone Company, Manchester-Hartland Telephone Company, Wilderness Valley Telephone Company, Northern Telephone Company

Tennessee, North Carolina

  • Updated calling area information for TEC subsidiaries in Tennessee: Peoples Telephone Company (OCN 0576), West Tennessee Telephone Company (OCN 0583)
  • Updated calling area information for the following companies in North Carolina: Randolph Telephone (OCN 0496), Surry Telephone Membership Corporation (OCN 0503), CenturyLink (Mebtel) (OCN 0485)